The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

Perfectionists are running the world! They come in all shapes and sizes! Have you ever known a child who is kind of a perfectionist? The one who gets frustrated because their picture didn’t turned out how they wanted it to? Life is tough and the heroine in this book is a good example of how […]

Exclusive Short Story: The King of Rats

Melinda Salisbury is the author of sinister YA fantasy novels The Sin Eater’s Daughter and The Sleeping Prince. I was lucky enough to meet her at YALC and I was treated to an exclusive mini-book featuring her short story, The Kings of Rats. First of all I need to remind you that I am not […]

Review: Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute? by Elke Barber & Alex Barber

This beautiful picture book is written from the personal experience of the sudden death of her husband, about one of the most difficult challenge to ever face as a parent. Most of the children are fascinated about death and has many questions about it. This book is written helping author’s two young children to understand […]

Review: Rosa’s Very Big Job by Ellen Mayer

This is a sweet little picture book about little girl Rosa who wants to surprise her mum while she’s shopping. Rosa asks her grandfather to help to fold the laundry. Rosa has to tell him exactly how to do it properly. Once they are done, Rosa and her grandad are bound for a quick adventure […]

Review: All About Forests by Mack van Gageldonk

If your child enjoys outdoors and walks in the woods and forests, look no further – you just found an amazing book about forest, trees, forest dwellers, seasons and forests around the world. Book is full of fun facts, photos and cute doodles. I really enjoyed this book and it inspired me to plan lots […]

Review: What would it be like? by McArthur Krishna

You know when you finish a book and think – WOW. Yeah, this is the message I got it when I read What would it be like? by McArthur Krishna. The message of the book was very empowering for young girls, telling the stories of what other great women have done in their lives. In the end […]

Review: Not So Wise Owl by Robert James Parfett

Hi everybody! I’m here today quickly to show you this beautiful book for children called Not So Wise Owl by Robert James Parfett. I was very excited to get this book to review as it looked so interesting! The book tells the story about tatty old owl who could not give any good advice and […]

Early Valentine’s gift

Hi everyone! Valentine’s day is approaching us soon and I wanted to share this beautiful book. I got it for Christmas from my beloved hubby and it’s beautiful. I finally got around to share it with you and I think it would be perfect gift for a book lover. As you can see from the […]

Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!

Did you know that January 18th is the National Winnie the Pooh Day?  National Winnie the Pooh day is celebrated to commemorate Milne’s (Winnie the Pooh author) birthday, which is January 18th, 1882. Winnie the Pooh, also called Pooh Bear is a fictional teddy bear and The Pooh stories have been translated into many languages […]