Book Review: Love Sick by Cory Martin

Love Sick

  • Cory Martin
  • Write Out Publishing
  • 9th February, 2016
  • Biographies & Memoirs, Health, Mind & Body

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Before I say anything else, could we please admire this beautiful cover for a minute?  It’s astonishing. Love it love it love it.

As a person who tries to find out what’s going on with my health and well- being I found this book rather comforting. This memoir tells Cory Martin’s life of unexpected struggle with illness at age of 28. She may have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which even the idea of it turns her life all around. She is starting to worry about becoming handicapped, not being able to control her bowel movements and of course, facing this illness alone. She is single and at this point of life all she wants is somebody next to her, who could help her to face it.

There is very little about MS itself in this book and it would gain more with a little bit more depth. You know, she is struggling with MS at such young age and then actually not knowing if it’s MS or not. How one would feel in this situation? And if you are single, how do you start new relationship? When is it socially acceptable to ‘drop the bomb’?

To sum up everything,  Love Sick is witty and smart book with interesting plot. It speaks of new generation women who are not obsessed with one night stands, who actually wants romance and attachment before getting naked in front of random guy.  What I liked the most in this book is that you don’t need MS to be able to relate to this woman, who is just struggling with search of magical “love that cannot be explained, just understood“. What else can I say, huh?


I received a review copy from publisher through Netgalley for honest opinion. Nobody paid me to write this.