How to rock your Color Run / Color Run Brighton 2014

This weekend me and my very good friend Lauren ‘ran’ our very first Color run. This run was in my bucket list for years and I am so glad we did it. EVEN Lauren, who hates running, enjoyed it and I think she would agree with me that this truly is the #Happiest5k.


1//Take your before shot.

 This is the best way to see how much you can change in like 30 minutes slot!

Color run Before and After 2014

2// Pack and plan route to the event ahead of time. 

We failed to do the second part and guess what? WE ALMOST WERE TOO LATE. We just just made it and let me tell you, that’s not fun. Always count things like traffic in travel time!

3//Protect your belongings!

Take just what you really need to this colour madness. In my case I took:

  • Phone
  • Some cash
  • Water bottle

I ‘hid’ some cash between phone and cover and phone. Just you know, like a small insurance policy in case of emergency… or cute top, well, you know :) . Don’t forget your water. Yes, there will be water stations, but it’s good to have some drink during route.

We also kept our belongings into zip lock plastic bags. Colour gets everywhere. I mean like EVERYWHERE. Did you hear it? EVERYWHERE.

4//  Take MILLIONS  of pictures.

The Color Run is real memory maker and you are going to want to remember it.  It’s the “Happiest 5k on Earth… who wouldn’t want to remember it?

Color run 2014 collage

5// Save the bag of powder for the after party.

It’s just much more fun and it’s nice to be a part of colour cloud.

6// Expect to take long bath or couple of showers to wash colour off.

As I said, colour gets like everywhere and it’s pretty stubborn to wash off!

7// Plan your outfit…

…and areas you want to protect. If you have sensitive eyes, wear goggles, If you don’t want colour in your hair, don’t forget your hat or wig and so on. We had so much fun to plan our outfit, it really got us very excited! :)

8// Stay until the end of after party.

Yes, you might want to avoid crowd, but it’s worth it. We got some pretty cool freebies and got chance to take pictures where people was queuing before.

9// Baby wipes.

It won’t take all colour of, but it will help to remove any excess colour. Cheeky selfie below :)

Baby wipes


10// HAVE FUN!

“We didn’t realised we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” :)


P.S. I’m still scared to blow my nose :D