Merry [belated] Christmas everyone!

Hi everybody!

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a good one!  I decided to share some festive pictures with you with a hope that you will enjoy it!

1505847_517537891677334_1012936023_oIt’s our baby Girl  Ūla’s first Christmas and we had an amazing chance to see magic Santa Paws! She got an unbelievable amount of treats and attention!

Then one evening we decided to spend in rainy London Winter Wonderland.  It was magical. I loved every single minute of it.

IMG_0025 IMG_0030


 I really enjoyed ice skating this year (even if I needed to change my ice skates 2 times!). It was a miracle that I did not fell off once!  Well done to girl who was playing guitar/singing life there!


That’s how our Christmas tree looked on Christmas morning.  Not for a long I must say :)  IMG_0054

Ūla  was a bit worried she is going to become a bit fat :) But later she decided …. 

IMG_0055To take a nap – it was a bit too much of everything for a little pup.


To sum up everything…

Christmas eve : I was fasting all day then we had a Traditional Lithuanian dinner ( managed 15 sides this year!). As you might guess I was a cook and managed to make even 15 sides. I must to note that it was dinner for 9! 

Christmas day: Traditional German dinner (roast goose!) Nom nom nom! 

Boxing day: Kept some English traditions :)  C’s mum made a lovely bubble and squeak – my favourite. Thanks Vicki! 



My boss made me a special treat – real hot chocolate. I felt so spoilt! : )


That’s it guys! I’m off to finish Home Alone ( Classics!)