Monday and fruits.

It’s Monday!  meh, not too excited to come back to reality really. I’m going to be quite busy next few weeks (in need to catch up with college), but hopefully will be able to finish this 30 day fitness challenge with no delays! anyway there is some bits I just had ( in love with tangerines!) and of course my loved and beloved water bottle with some yummy fruit in it!


I’m thinking about little detox (as you do after all that Christmas food),but I think it’s still not going to happen this Monday :)

My late Christmas pressies should come this week and I am very excited! I have some fitness steps towards big goals I want to achieve and I believe it might help me a lot :) fingers crossed.

OK, Bandura and his best mate Piaget are waiting for me, I should not keep them waiting too much haha.

Lets keep in touch :)

P.S. If you have any inquires, please don’t hesitate to email! I don’t bite :) My email:   bfde665770424010fd86a078cb99b399