Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is set in a dystopian world where the war between Reds, work class commons with red blood, and the Silvers, those with superpowers as the ruling class, are wearing down the world. Mare Barrow is Red, who is just about to turn 18. She is a regular thief and doesn’t have any special […]

My Year in Books 2015

Hi guys, I am here to quickly wrap up my 2015 year in books. It’s been a good year: full of laughter, challenges and lessons. I got married!  I found new joy in books and turned this blog around in last couple of months. I met some new people through Interpals… Hi Angie :) <3 […]

My 2016 #Bookishresolutions

Hi everyone! Ready for 2016?   I’m going to be participating in the 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge by Laura @trips down imagination road and Michelle @ Because Reading. Rules: You can sign up HERE anytime between December 1st to March 1st, the challenge starts January 1st and ends December 31st. You must pick up at least 2 […]

Review: Babushka By Dawn Casey

I must admit, I requested this book mainly because of the name (babushka [бабушка] means grandmother in Russian), and because of this beautiful cover (hey, don’t blame me). Illustrations inside are as nice as outside and so authentic. I still remember old Russian children books in beginning of 90’s … Illustrations in this book looks […]

Review: Dad’s not all there anymore by Alex Demetris

Very nice little comic book about John’s dad Pete who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease couple years ago. Then, later,  when he started to develop other symptoms, Peter got diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (LDB). Soon enough his hallucinations and other symptoms became too intense, and Peter had to move into a care home. Before […]

Review: A Christmas in Disguise by Katie Fforde

I seem to always find myself reading short stories around Christmas time. Something quick, short and most likely entertaining. A Christmas in Disguise is a story of Christmas dinner party disaster. Jo, bless her, has stepped in for her friend Andi. Jo got all instructions how to prepare Christmas meal that is so impressive that it will […]

Review: Do Lemons Have Feathers? by David J.Burns

  I have finished this book in like two sittings. I probably would have finished it in one if not annoying thing called ^sleep^. At first I wasn’t sure how I am going to review this book. There was something that made me tick, but I wasn’t sure what exactly. First of all I really liked […]

Review: Vitamin N by Richard Louv

  How much time did you spend in nature when you were a child? How many hours spent outside on bikes, in the trees or deep in the mud? Do you remember that time when you didn’t need to worry about falling, bruises and strangers? Do you remember that want and need of adventure? This […]

ABCs of yoga for kids by Teresa Anne Power

This was a delightful little book introducing young children to yoga posses and explaining the importance of it to parents. Poses are clearly described and and it even give you an idea of what to tell children while doing it. If you find yourself struggling to understand described position, let me tell you, illustrations in […]

Book Review: Love Sick by Cory Martin

  Before I say anything else, could we please admire this beautiful cover for a minute?  It’s astonishing. Love it love it love it. As a person who tries to find out what’s going on with my health and well- being I found this book rather comforting. This memoir tells Cory Martin’s life of unexpected […]