Book Review: This book is gay by James Dawson

This book is wonderful. I have read this book just after marriage equality in USA.

Everything about this book is just wonderful: the way it’s written, the topic and these funny cartoon like pictures and tables inside the book.

Just look at this bright rainbow cover. It screams at you: PICK ME UP!

I think what I liked the most about this book is that it talked directly to LGTB people. Let’s hope that this book finds its way into hand of everyone who needs it. School walls should be covered with pages from this book.

This book is like textbook that covers the range of topics: labels and definitions, stereotypes and myths, coming out, marriage, and children, advices on how to deal with opposition and of course how to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS.

I loved the range of stories and experiences from the online survey. They are kinda snapshots of real people living and dealing with real life joys and struggles.

My favourite quote from this book:

A six pack never made anyone happy. No -one ever went to the stage at the gym where they said, ‘I DID IT! I AM NOW SATISFIED.’ Maybe some of us get hooked on the idea that true happiness is just one gym session away and so we keep going.