Review: The Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop by Janit Calvo

I always was a big fan of fairy gardens and miniatures. While reading this book I was wowed by beautiful pictures and simple yet creative ideas. While this book might not be the best for experienced owner of miniature garden, I think everyone can find some ideas to try. The introduction to the book is […]

Vegan Quinoa Chilli

Last night I decided to make some healthy dinner. What can I say – it was a hit :D quite a few of you asked for recipe so here it goes! You will need: Quinoa (about 200-250g) a head of broccoli some pepper ( mix different colours to look nice) medium onion some coriander medium […]

Easy to make yogurt cake. STEP BY STEP!

You will need: Sponge-cake (homemade or from the shop – does not really matter) 200g strawberries 100g apricots 100g cherries (take out pips) half of can condensed milk 400g yogurt Strawberry Gelatin (check Eastern European groceries shops) Water Method: Make gelatin according to pack. You only need to change water amount to half. Use blender […]

Quick and easy: Puff pastry with apples

This is one of the easiest and tastiest puff pastry I have ever made! It is also easy to cook and again it’s so yummy yummy! To make these takes about 25 minutes depending on how fast you can chop apples :) You will need: Ready made puff pastry; Custard; Cinnamon; Your choice of jam(I […]