Review: A Christmas in Disguise by Katie Fforde

A Christmas in Disguise

  • Katie Fford
  • Random House UK, Cornerstone
  • 25th November, 2015
  • Romance

Treat yourself to some extra romance with this exclusive, straight-to-digital short story from the Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller.

When Jo’s friend Andi asks if she’ll stand in to cook Christmas lunch for her employer, Jo reluctantly agrees. She knows Andi will lose her job if she doesn’t, and wants to help out her friend.

Jo is nervous because Andi’s boss is a well-known celebrity diva, who outright refuses to have anyone but Andi cook for her. But she also insists Andi wears full chef’s whites so the girls think they’ll get away with it … it’s the perfect Christmas disguise.

But when Jo runs into one of the guests – good looking and very smart Anthony – things get even more complicated…

I seem to always find myself reading short stories around Christmas time. Something quick, short and most likely entertaining.

A Christmas in Disguise is a story of Christmas dinner party disaster. Jo, bless her, has stepped in for her friend Andi. Jo got all instructions how to prepare Christmas meal that is so impressive that it will impress her posh boss and her celebrity friends, and most important that it also will convince them all that it is Andi who is cooking. What a mess.

Things are getting a bit out of hand when Anthony, one of the guests has a very convincing reason for Jo to pretend to be his girlfriend as well as continue to cook this dinner. The bomb is starting to tick…

This is a truly classic comedy that can bring a little bit more festive mood in your home.


I received a review copy from publisher through Netgalley for honest opinion. Nobody paid me to write this.