Review: Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute? by Elke Barber & Alex Barber

Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?

  • Elke Barber, Alex Barber
  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • 21st July, 2016
  • Children's fiction

This beautiful picture book is written from the personal experience of the sudden death of her husband, about one of the most difficult challenge to ever face as a parent.

Most of the children are fascinated about death and has many questions about it. This book is written helping author’s two young children to understand that their father has died and help them to understand that their own life does not stop there. Both children finds it hard to grasp the reality that they won’t see their daddy again.

Anna Jarvis did amazing job illustrating this book, illustrations reflect emotion, the confusion and guides little reader to discovery and understanding.

Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute  is a wonderful tribute to Martin who was clearly a wonderful father and husband. This book also helps parents, teachers and carers to explain sudden death of a loved ones with sensitivity and care.

P.S. Out of the topping but once I was babysitting Boy D. Just after his night story he asked me how old I am. Once he heard the answer he gasped ‘Wow, that’s old…’ then added ‘You know, soon you will go to heaven?’



I received a review copy for honest opinion.