YALC 2015

DSC_3434    My very first YALC may be over and I only went there on Sunday but it was utterly incredible experience. Let me tell you this, my bank account and shoulders are very happy indeed that I only went there only one day! So many books and so little room in my bags! Anyway, don’ t you think that people who love books are the best people to be around and you know why? You are not pushed to socialise, you can only sit on the bean bag and read a book with other book lovers. I seriously cannot wait for next YALC! It was so nice to see/ be a part of YA community. And let me tell you, YALC zone was so much more relax to be than other levels of Olympia – yes, I had a little wonder around and let me tell you, I was rather happy to be back to level 2 (YALC zone) . Some highlights from the panel events I attended and quotes I managed to scrabble in my notebook (sorry for phone quality photos!):

  • Mental Health in YA


              YALC 2015

Holly Bourne:

“When I was writing about self-harm, I tried very hard to make it appropriate for young readers in mind”

“I want teens to be able to go into a high street bookshop and find books that reflex their experiences”

Matt Whyman:

“I never tell people what to do in my books, I try to guide towards it’

“My approach is often to have perspective – acknowledge it is a big deal for teens but show there is help available”

Annabel Pitcher:

“I wanted to write about a girl who’s struggling to come to terms who she really is, that’s what interest me”

“I really want to show that there is hope and that people can live with mental health conditions”

Brian Conagham:

“I think it is very important not to glorify mental health issues”

“In When Mr Dog Bites, I wanted to use humour to show there was more to Dylan than Tourettes’


All authors agreed that we all have something ‘not normal’ and labelling some mental issues does not make one normal or abnormal.

  • Bringing sexy back

YALC 2015

First of all look at this James Dawson cosplay costume: LOOK AT IT .IT’S INSANE!

YALC 2015

  • LBGT in YA

YALC 2015

  • Sir Terry and me
  • Writer to performer


          Some other snaps from the day

YALC 2015YALC 2015YALC 2015

YALC 2015YALC 2015

And to finish mu rumbles off, lets admire for a second all the beautiful goods my poor shoulders brought home :)
YALC 2015