Bookworm confession.


Since I can remember myself I had always loved books. I remember I used to ask my mother what this or that meant and her ability to read was like a magic power to me.

Once I learn to read I realised what an actual power books has inside. The book became my best friend who is always there for me, waiting till I have a free minute to spend with her. Most of books relaxes me that’s why usually I read before I go to sleep, in bed. The second my favourite time of reading is while it’s raining. Oh I so love to curl up in a duvet with nice cuppa tea and read… like there is no time limit.

Usually I read books to relax me, nice cute stories with happy endings, you know? But Once I did I big mistakes… I got into reading ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown… and that was my problem. You see it was in the end of the school year and I was extra busy soooo the only time I could have a spare minute to read was at night. The plot of book was so interesting/scary/tense that afterwords I would be scary to go to sleep!

I love shops that sells books! Could spend there hours and hours just checking on book names, smell them have a quick read. I remember that once I came to England I used to spend hours in Maidstone Waterstone bookshop.  Person who invented mini coffee shops in bookshops must get some kind of award. There is nothing better than fresh coffee, maybe some naughty cookie and a headache, how much I am going to spend on books this time.

I do have an addiction to books. I love spending money on them, reading them till the last minute and then helping them to find their spot in my little bookshelf.


I like eBooks as well. My both Kindles are my baby boos and I love the fact that you can take hundreds of books wherever you go. Most of time I keep an eye what is cheaper to buy and eBooks isn’t cheaper all the time! ( Post about where to find cheaper books is coming!). Anyway I can find only one bad point of eBooks – You can’t store them nicely in your little personal home library. On another hand maybe it’s not so bad, you can only buy paper books of books, taht you really liked – space saving, people!

Please stop moaning that Kindle is some kind of evil for every book – lover. No, it’s not! I loved Franz McLaren thought ”Life without Kindle is like life without a library nearby”.  Or this one (I think this might be even better) by Stephen Fry ”Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”

As you could see books are really big part of my life. If you think reading is boring then you really are doing it wrong… or still looking for that THE ONE book.

Everyone who loves books as much as I do probably understands what the powed does books have. When you are taking book home in your bag you never know what’s going to happen once you start to read it. IT EVEN MIGHT CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The biggest secrets hides inside the books and only you can be smart and brave enough to take a control of what you are reading.

Picture belongs to Jane Mount paints portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books. – what an amazing idea!


And for the end some confession:

  • I’m on a big ABC challenge at the moment.
  • I hate books with the movie cover. Can’t stand it.
  • There is no such a thing like too many books
  • Have a hate/love relationship with book hangover ( inability to start new book because you still live in last books world)
  • I have a Pinterest board dedicated to books and bookshelves.
  • Books helped me to get over (almost) my depression, to forget some problems at least for a moment. I am thankful to amazing books who helped me to find myself and become person I am today. Books, You are doing an amazing job since 2003!
  • I have read only first Harry Potter.
  • I have a special Moleskine Book Journal for the best books I have read.
  • I can not touch old books.
  • Books are essential to my life.
  • I like second hand books. reading each page makes me feel like I’m coming across strangers life.
  • My deepest wish is that one day my fiancé will start to read books.
  • When I start to read a new book I always read the last sentence first.
  • In the end of school year I always spend day or two to go through my all books and would erased



”Reading is a gift. It’s something you can do almost anytime and everywhere. It can be a tremendous way to learn, relax, and even escape. ” – Richard Carlson