My fitness story

I don’t really think I have a real story. Everything started very spontaneous when I saw Race for Life advertisement (2011) and decided to give it a go.  At that point I really didn’t even imagine how addicted it can be.


Me at my very first Race for Life (15/07/2011)

After this race I knew that there going to be a love / hate relationship with running and fitness itself. I have good and bad days sometimes even weeks, but I always come back to my running shoes.

Sport itself really changed the way I look at life and difficulties in my life. Running helps me to deal with everyday challenges and just you know, relax. There is nothing better than after a long day to wipe out all anger, negativity and grumpy thoughts with one powerful run. Of course a good music is a MUST.


P.S. this is part of my January 30 day fitness challenge.