Review: Vitamin N by Richard Louv

Vitamin N

  • Richard Louv
  • Algonquin Books
  • 12th April, 2016
  • Parenting & Families, Outdoors & Nature

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How much time did you spend in nature when you were a child? How many hours spent outside on bikes, in the trees or deep in the mud? Do you remember that time when you didn’t need to worry about falling, bruises and strangers?

Do you remember that want and need of adventure?

This book is not your usual guide book. I would like to call it more like encyclopedia for parents, teachers and everyone else who is loosing their touch with mother nature. It provides you with a whopping 500 ideas of how to spend quality time outside, mainly with your children. They are easy enough to add to your busy family life and if that’s not enough, it also provides you with numerous of websites and books to get more information.
Vitamin N is inspiring, easy to read, and it does not over-load you with facts or technical language. The structure of this book reminded me of ‘books for dummies’. You don’t really need to read it from cover to cover to understand it. Got a spare half an hour and want to do something fun? Open any page of this book and here you are! Just don’t forget your jacket and waterproof shoes!


Lets find adventure


Vitamin N (N for Nature) is an amazing ‘pill’ that you can give for yourself and your offspring.
Directions: Use daily
Refills: unlimited
Expires: never


I received a review copy from publisher through Netgalley for honest opinion. Nobody paid me to write this.