Run, Ida, RUN!

So today  Ūla and me decided to have a very first run this year.  It was very first  Ūla’s run with me and she did just fine.  I was silly enough to think that flood was over, but guess what? Looks at these pictures!





That’s a path! At first there wasn’t a lot of water:

1552917_528510083913448_603511941_n 1555692_528510217246768_1382448908_n

Later the further we went the deeper it became! I end up in the water up until my bum with  Ūla in my hands as she refused to go futher!

It was a rather fun run I must to admit and would not mind to repeat it! Maybe I should think about mud run?

Today’s run:

  • Distance: 4.92 km
  • Time: 36.54
  • Pace: 7’29” per kilometre