Vegan Quinoa Chilli

Last night I decided to make some healthy dinner. What can I say – it was a hit :D quite a few of you asked for recipe so here it goes! You will need: Quinoa (about 200-250g) a head of broccoli some pepper ( mix different colours to look nice) medium onion some coriander medium […]

10 things I like to do.

    Here is 10 things that makes me busy: DIY obsessed. It took me two years to figure out how to use my sewing machine (aka Saulius) and now I am obsessed. Long walks with Ūla. Reading books. Making ‘To Do’ lists Learning BSL Buying new stationery Being silly Watching TBBT <3 Cooking special meals. […]

Monday and fruits.

It’s Monday!  meh, not too excited to come back to reality really. I’m going to be quite busy next few weeks (in need to catch up with college), but hopefully will be able to finish this 30 day fitness challenge with no delays! anyway there is some bits I just had ( in love with […]

What inspires me?

It is very important for me to be motivated whatever I am doing.  Motivational wall and diary helps me to keep myself on track! My little ‘numbers’ diary. The other thing that is important for me is a good music. My iPod is full of music that makes me move even when I feel all […]

Run, Ida, RUN!

So today  Ūla and me decided to have a very first run this year.  It was very first  Ūla’s run with me and she did just fine.  I was silly enough to think that flood was over, but guess what? Looks at these pictures!     That’s a path! At first there wasn’t a lot of water: […]

My dinner.

Last night I had the worst insomnia ever. I was writing one big project up until 3am for college and then  hours tried to fall asleep. What can I say.. last time I saw the watch it was 5.20am. WOW lucky me.  I was ‘lucky’ enough to finish one book and start another! I guess […]

My fitness goals

Main goals: Be active Be healthy Be happy Push my limits Look good in white dress :) P.S. this is part of my January 30 day fitness challenge.

9 things that will happen in 2014

A bad habit I’m going to break: look more after myself. A new skill I’d like to learn: gain more confidence and skills with my sewing machine. A person I hope to be more like: a person  Ūla thinks I am. A good deed I’m going to do: something for charity (Race for Life again?). A place I’d […]

My fitness story

I don’t really think I have a real story. Everything started very spontaneous when I saw Race for Life advertisement (2011) and decided to give it a go.  At that point I really didn’t even imagine how addicted it can be. Me at my very first Race for Life (15/07/2011) After this race I knew […]